reduce plastic scrap, reuse refused crop

Scrap to Crop Vol. I :

Plastic Waste

This program aim to encourage local business and society to collect recyclable plastic bottle waste in exchange for fresh vegetables grown locally in our organic garden.

Join us! 

scrap to crop


= Individual who actively collect plastic bottle


Get a pack of organic vegetables everytime you gave us 1/3kg of clean plastic bottle. 

scrap to crop


= Local business

(Cafe, Restaurant, Dorms, etc) that actively collect plastic bottle

Be the drop point for the Scrap to Crop program. 

The plastic bottle waste will be picked up by Parongpong in every 2 weeks & will be exchanged with organic vegetable.


1. Plastic bottle have to be rinsed & dried

> for not making residue that stick to the bottle

2. Plastic bottle have to be crushed by hand

> to make the mobility more efficient

3. Put the plastic caps on

4. Contact us!


scrap to crop


= Place where you can do Scrap To Crop

PONG! Ecolab

Jl Dago Pojok No.60,


Kopi Rapat

Jl Raden Patah No.14,


Coming Soon!

Scrap to Crop Vol.II :

Fashion Waste