Using cooperative system, the society can save and sell their waste to Kopong

We encourage society who live in 7 districts of Parongong to reduce and sort their waste by creating an end-to-end waste management 

Our services

If you have sorted waste at your place, be sure it is being treated properly and not going to the landfill. These are kind of waste that we can treat at our KOPONG. We will treat your sorted waste properly by our machines and techniques. 

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A material recovery centre located in Parongpong village. Mainly colaborated with Bank Sampah Bersinar and Guna Olah Limbah to treat non-compostable materials become new material.

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Produces sustainable insect protein for animal feed by bio-converting organic sidestream using black soldier fly


Collaborating with central waste bank



by Parongpong

Be part of of #ZeroWaste to Landfill movement and be proud of being more responsible for the environment.


Take the first step towards #Zero Waste journey by choosing one of our service that suits you best.


Further information and order, reach us on WhatsApp

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